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Health Innovation Matters

May 8, 2020

Logan chats with Kristi Ebong, Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy at Orbita about the advancement of chatbots and COVID-19. Orbita has developed advanced technology that enables vitual health assistant to help health care and life science organizations better engage with patients, improve outcomes, and reduce costs.  Orbita’s technology is centered on creating conversational AI platforms, which are designed and built to provide patients an optimal voice chat experience. The beauty of this technology, Ebong says, is that a 10-year-old can use it as well as senior citizens. The voice chatbots enable providers to create solutions, check in on patients, and ask about symptoms —all in the comfort of the patient’s own home, facilitating connection with the right providers, Ebong explains. Orbita has collaborated with several important organizations, such as Amazon and the Mayo Clinic, who have adopted its technology, enabling them to work with patients with cancer, on dialysis, or with other conditions. When asked about the World Forum Orbita recently attended, Ebong described discussions with Google and Babylon Health officials about deploying chatbots in response to COVID-19.  It is “remarkable to see the rapid pace at which chatbots are being adopted globally during the pandemic,” she says. Orbita, has the opportunity to solve major health problems and democratize the use of technology, according to Ebong. Consumer adoption of voice chatbots has been more rapid than other technologies, she says, perhaps because voice is “natural.” This episode is sponsored by GrandPad,; Medical Health Network,; and Orbita,