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Health Innovation Matters

Apr 22, 2019

Robin chats with Yann Fleureau, CEO and co-founder Cardiologs about the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on health care innovation. With their comprehensive database on EKGs and the use of AI, Cardiologs has the capability of significantly improving accuracy and speed of EKG reading and cardiac diagnosis, no matter where a cardiologist may be located. At the end of the day, Fleureau says, his medical device is different from consumer devices because it is considered a medical grade device. It is especially valuable for use in relation to traditional and extended halter monitoring. According to Fleureau, there are several significant applications for AI, including in the psychiatric and the clinical trials and drug discoveries space, as well as diagnostic support in general for physicians in the next three to 10 years. Finally, he says, AI can be particularly useful in robotic surgery and eventually in data-driven disease management. This episode was sponsored by J&B Medical Supply Co., Inc.,