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Health Innovation Matters

Oct 4, 2021

Aneel talks with Jim Elliot, Chief Marketing Officer at AdvancedMD, about why his company was uniquely positioned to assist independent practitioners with virtual patient care during the pandemic, especially in the mental health space. Since joining AdvancedMD in 2008, he has  played a key role in growing the company 10-fold by promoting a customer-driven culture. Elliot describes examples of how  the company’s recent innovations, which include harnessing  the power of the EHRs alongside patients engagement, under the umbrella of integrated workflow, benefits both the provider and patient. Elliott also talks about why there has been a resurgence in independent practitioners even as consolidation is going on in health care generally. He describes how practitioners using AdvancedMD are reporting that the integrated system has reduced their overhead by 40 percent or more through utilization of centralized billing and virtual care visits. Technology is a game-changer for independent practitioners, he concludes.