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Health Innovation Matters

Aug 23, 2021

Aneel chats with Rick Farnell, the President and CEO of Protegrity, who brings a successful track record as an entrepreneur, executive, and operator of multiple global technology companies. At the helm of Protegrity, Rick is spearheading the company’s efforts to scale its industry-leading data-security solutions into the future as companies rapidly invest in data innovation. Kinetic data occurs when data is in motion and protecting that kind of data in next-level protection, explains Farnell. Protegrity is committed to protecting data even when it’s being shared — which is occurring more than ever  — says Farnell. For example, Farnell says, Protegrity can help research centers demonstrates that their patient data is being protected. Protegrity also specializes in protecting data while proving users with flexibility to blend in that information to enable data-driven innovation and performance. This episode is sponsored by Protegrity,