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Health Innovation Matters

Sep 21, 2021

Aneel talks about digital therapeutics with Dr. Joe Rubinsztain CEO and co-founder of ChronWell, Inc., a digital therapeutics company that creates efficiencies and extends patient care beyond the walls of the physician’s office. By the time Chronwell launched in 2017, Rubinsztein, a seasoned entrepreneur and leader in healthcare information technology, was already shaking things up. In this episode, he shares how innovative technology drives early patient intervention, ultimately resulting in better clinical outcomes and a lower cost of care for both patients and payors.  One of the key elements in the success of digital therapeutics and continuous care, according to Rubinsztein, is establishing compatible reimbursement schemes and competition among payors. ChronWell has worked with physician practices to develop multi-modality programs in the fatty liver space, including very innovative digital therapeutics, pathways, protocols, and algorithms.