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Health Innovation Matters

Aug 28, 2019

Logan chats with Dennis Truong, Telemedicine/Mobility director and an assistant physician-in-chief for Kaiser Permanente’s Mid-Atlantic Region, about innovation in telemedicine and health care delivery. Truong, a trained ER physician, talks about how Kaiser’s Mid-Atlantic telemedicine program started without a budget and was built from the ground-up in 2012. As an integrated, capitated system, Kaiser is committed to providing the greatest value for the money spent, which often results in out-of-the-box thinking, according to Truong. In the telemedicine program, Kaiser learned valuable lessons about the testing process and “soft” go lives, Truong notes. Kaiser, recognized as one of the most innovative large health care companies, deploys roadshows, “innovation engines,” and co-operation among its eight regions and 20,000 physicians to optimize innovation, Truong says. In the end, he explains, it’s Kaiser’s pro-innovation culture that serves as the backdrop for its progressive health care philosophy.