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Health Innovation Matters

Apr 29, 2020

Logan chats with Dr. Dave Levin, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer, about his company’s technology in the new normal created by COVID. With an extensive background in health technology followed by medical school and very prominent positions as a practicing physician in family medicine, Medical Director, and as CMO at the Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Levin has been a pioneer in getting practitioners to “put down their pens and use their keyboards,” Dr. Levin believes that computers are transformational agents in health care. Datica’s mission, he says, is to better enable those who are in the business of transforming digital health to succeed. Datica is seen as a catalyst for change, especially in the areas of interoperability, clinical surveillance, support, and real-time deep integration. This technology, which monitors data flow, allows clinicians to examine clues that can inform patient treatment. This data need to be “rich and consistent and fit into the workflow of busy clinicians” Dr. Levin says. When asked about interoperability during COVID-19, he responds that this is a fascinating time, a time when digital health can really “shine.” Telehealth has advanced more in last two weeks than it has in the last two decades, he says. The healthcare world wants to move quickly because this is a crisis and many barriers surrounding licensing and reimbursement have been removed or lessened, he notes. Datica has played an integral part in supporting the scaling up of telehealth and making sure the cloud architecture is secure and stable, while meeting requirements around privacy and security. This episode is sponsored by Ora,; Telehealth Associates,; and Software Advice,