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Health Innovation Matters

Feb 7, 2020

In this episode, Logan Plaster, Editor of Start Up Health, mixes the personal with business as he interviews Lisa Lavin, CEO of Omcare, a start up health company that turning heads and changing the everyday lives of seniors across America.

Omcare, recently named “One of Nation’s Hottest Healthcare Startups in “Flyover Tech” by the New York Observer, has an innovative and interesting approach to home healthcare. They provide game-changing technology - A Smart Pill Dispenser and VideoPhone - that allows caregivers to extend their reach inside the home through a portal that dispenses and tracks medication adherence.

With 28% of adults living by themselves and a growing senior population, Omcare’s advancements are an example of future home health care happening right now.

This episode was sponsored by AdvaMed and Omcare. AdvaMed's new Center for Digital Health promotes the critical role of data and digital medical technologies in improving patient care and addresses set of regulatory and payment challenges to accelerate digital health innovation and patient access. To learn more,

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