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Health Innovation Matters

Jun 2, 2020

Logan chats with Jeanne Hecht, CEO of Ora, who has been in the CRO industry for two decades, about the innovative projects and research Ora is working on. As an ophthalmic CRO, Ora is primarily focused on drug and device development. Ora partners with pharmaceutical, device, and biotech companies that conduct clinical trials with the goal of supporting patients with ophthalmic indications. Ora has become a major player in this industry, expediting the process of creating and manufacturing new products through facilitating documentation and conversations on patient safety and efficacy, according to Hecht, who became CEO of Ora in August 2019. Hecht discusses her approach as an executive and says that her priorities are “first to her employees, then her customers, and then shareholders.” She is constantly looking at ways that her organization can grow and scale on a global level, including establishing a strong cultural foundation with the right values and leaders, and celebrating the good work of her employees. She also believes strongly in being inclusive and focusing on diversity in the workplace. At this time, Ora is expanding into China and Europe, focusing on R&D innovations to support new models in clinical trials, and focusing on areas with growing needs including dry eye and gene therapy. COVID-19 has presented its own challenges, she says, but the company has done everything it can to make accommodations for employees to be able to work comfortably from home. Hecht closes out the episode by stating her number one goal is to “live in a fully-sighted world.” This episode is sponsored by Software Advice,, Ora,; and TeleHealth Associates,