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Health Innovation Matters

Apr 26, 2019

Robin chats with Clynt Taylor, CEO of Intervention Insights, about precision medicine in oncology. Taylor discusses what it was like to deal with his father’s diagnosis of cancer and the difficulties in finding the latest treatment options for his father’s particular subset of cancer. Intervention Insights has a platform includes lab reports and payer data that deals with the clutter of information that cancer patients and their loved ones have to deal with, explains Taylor. You can’t ignore the payer, says Taylor, so why not bring them into the process by, for example, the kinds of test that might be ordered and be reimbursable, saving angst for the patient. This approach helps payers stay up-to-date in science of gene testing in the hopes of keeping their insurance policies current.  Artificial intelligence hold promise in the area of precision but it’s not really there yet and smart physicians are still very much essential, says Taylor. Finally, Taylor notes, through the Trapelo platform, Intervention Insights marries clinical trial data and lab tests to help figure out the optimal treatment for the patient. This episode was sponsored by Trapelo/Intervention Insights, and J&B Medical,