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Health Innovation Matters

May 29, 2020

Logan chats with Eran Ofir, co-founder and  CEO of Somatix, about how remote patient monitoring has taken on incredible significance during  the COVID-19 pandemic and the current health care environment.  Somatix, which provides a wearable-enabled remote patient monitoring software platform for health care providers and caregivers, uses patented gesture detection technology and machine learning algorithms to analyze patient data in real time. This provides insights and predictive analytics to caretakers and medical providers in a variety of settings, including independent assistant living facilities, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. Under the Somatix solution, providers are “able to determine ADL (activites of daily living) that include whether the patient is walking, sleeping, falling, smoking, or eating,” Ofir explains. Based on this data, providers can intervene in real time based on what’s happenign with the patient. The wearable band also can  collect and process five different kinds of events; alerts, reminders, notifications, insights, and predictive analytics, which can then be shared through a dashboard that notifies caregivers. The technology is so detailed, Ofir says,  that providers  are able to determine if the patient is adhering to their medication regimen and if they are staying hydrated, to the point that they can deterine if the patient is drinking a hot or cold beverage. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Somatix became extremely effective in reducing hospital readmissions, ensuring reimbursement from Medicare and insurance companies and providing caregivers importantly with the ability to monitor and treat patients from a distance. “ They don’t have to be near them in order to see what’s happening with them,” Ofir states. The system also helps providers prepare for a possible second surge of  COVID-19 cases in the next 12 months, Somatix will start working with nationwide providers and big-name facilities. This episode is sponsored by GrandPad,; Medical Home Network,; and Orbita,