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Health Innovation Matters

Aug 18, 2021

Aneel chats with Chris Klomp,  Executive Vice President, Acute & Payer, at PointClickCare. The company recently acquired Collective Medical, which is utilized by one-third of the hospitals in the United States. Basically, value-based care reward providers for outcomes, rather than volume of care, explains Klomp. But valued-based care is really about aligning incentives for coordinated patient care, he explains.  Patients need be better educated about the benefits of value-based care, especially vulnerable populations, Klomp adds. Both employers and providers can play a valuable role in this effort, he says.  The health care industry also needs to better educate patients on the privacy protections they’re entitled to, he asserts. Klomp also provides riveting examples of how his company uses technology and data to prove a single, streamlined care continuum. This episode is sponsored by PointClickCare,  This episode is also sponsored by KNB Communications,