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Health Innovation Matters

Jun 14, 2019

Robin chats with Jon Pearce, the co-founder and CEO of Zipnosis (from the Greek for “fast notice.”) Zipnosis licenses its virtual technology to providers and clinicians. Some day,  Pearce says, telehealth will just be “health care.” Zipnosis helps enable clinicians to take advantage of “virtual” services and streamline health care and improve the clinical experience, vastly reducing administrative burdens. As an example, clinicians can diagnose female bladder infections through software and computer documentation without the patient having unnecessarily to go to a physician’s office.  It’s a mixed bag these days for entrepreneurs in the health care innovation space because the patient, the provider, and the payer must all be taken into account, Pearce explains. Finally, Pearce adds, through its “ZipTicket,” its digital front door, physician extenders will expand and health care will be altered. Patients who cannot be treated virtually can receive a boarding pass to be seen in a face-to-face encounter with a clinician. This episode is sponsored by Life365, Inc.