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Health Innovation Matters

Mar 28, 2019

Robin chats with Stephen Shaya, Chief Medical Officer and EVP of Corporate Development at J&B Medical. Shaya describes his riveting immigrant story, which starts with his parents coming from Iraq in 1966. His father worked four jobs while attending the University of Michigan. His father eventually founded J&B Medical Supply in 1966, which has now become a dynamic global leader in health care, whose mission is to increase access to care and to fill gaps of in the health care system by leveraging technology, especially in remote areas of the world. For example, he notes, J&B is in partnership with the UK’s Commonwealth Fund to provide care to hundreds of thousands of patients in remote Pakistan. By using telemedicine to provide health care services, J&B is fulfilling its mission while still achieving a margin, he notes.  His litmus test for these social business projects is whether they are sustainable. As a result, infrastructure and education are paramount to these global health initiatives, according to Shaya. There are three types of capital necessary to achieve these game-changing initiatives: financial, intellectual, and political. The latter is probably the most important, he says, and the way to utilize political capital is to partner with local governments and persons of influence.  This episode was sponsored by J&B Medical Supply Co., Inc.,