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Health Innovation Matters

Sep 16, 2019

Logan chats with Paige Goodhew, who deals with product marketing at Redox, a scaleable, cloud-based platform that works with software vendors to break down barriers to health care integration. As a “self-professed health care nerd in an IT world,” Goodhew first became involved in EMR implementation at Seattle Children's Hospital. Her interest in health IT was piqued, and she moved back to the Midwest to work for Epic, one of the largest health care companies in the world.  Goodhew joined Redox three years ago and has been helping companies become integrated and moving the needle on industry-wide interoperability since then. Her experience as a user, implementer, and integrator of EMRs has brought a unique and balanced perspective to the challenges faced by tech adopters. It’s just as important to explain to tech adopters why the software innovation is being implemented as it is to explain the technology itself, according to Goodhew. It’s vitally important to bring empathy and understanding into the adoption of EMRs by explaining that this particular health care innovation is only about a decade old, she notes. Where are we headed in health care, according to Goodhew? It’s the BYOA model — Bring Your Own App.