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Health Innovation Matters

Aug 11, 2021

Aneel chats with Peter Durlach, Chief Strategy Officer at Nuance Communications about Ambient Clinical Intelligence (ACI). As the head of corporate strategy, Durlach is responsible for advancing Nuance’s overall strategic direction and portfolio in line with emerging trends across key vertical markets. Nuance has established a platform, Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX), that is distinctly disrupting the traditional physician-patient experience through the use of ACI. Nuance began working on this technology five years ago and release it last year. Specifically, Durlach explains, the technology securely and compliantly records and transcribes the physician-patient clinical encounter and produces structured notes, eliminating the need for the providers to remember and write out the salient points of the patient encounter. While there is currently human review of the notes produced under the platform, the “holy grail” is to eventually eliminate the need for human review, says Durlach. While the system is not perfect, he adds,  DAX does capture the patient story securely and accurately to automatically document at the point of care for increased efficiency and patient throughput. This technology is reducing physician burnout by 70 percent and is clearly reducing costs and time, according to Durlach. The discussion concludes with a look at a future in which ACI helps in clinical decision-making in various areas, such as depression. This episode is sponsored by Nuance.  Visit to sign up for a livestream demo and explore how DAX, Nuance’s ACI solution, can transform your organization.