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Health Innovation Matters

May 15, 2020

Logan chats with Scott Lien, CoFounder and CEO of GrandPad about the Grandpad’s tablet for super seniors and how effective it has been during the COVID -19 crisis. Super seniors, defined as anyone 75 or older, “have the  most life experiences, have lived through so much and are the wisest amongst us as a group,” Lien notes. However, he adds, many of the super seniors suffer from physical, cognitive, and mental health issues, and thus have unique needs when it comes to technology. GrandPad developed its product with the advice of a board that included 10 super seniors. The product includes features to address hearing loss, dry skin, and eyesight issues, for example. Grandpad’s mission is “empowering seniors  by helping them to “connect with caregivers, family and friends.” The technology behind Grandpad was purposely built to bridge the technological divide with seniors and strives to create an environment where seniors will not feel isolated or lonely. The tablet serves to connect its users in a “circle of care. a circle of trust” explains Lien. The grandpad is connected to caregivers’

and families’ free commpanion app or, in some cases, a partner portal, where the user can be connected easily to their doctor or nurse. Grandpad thus helps to lower the cost of health care as a whole. While it began as a Direct to Consumer model, it has a evolved as a B2B model with the product being sold at major stores like Target. The easy-to-use Grandpad is created “by seniors for seniors,” Lien notes,  with integrated 4G data that makes it easier than ever to use for a very affordable price. Lien closes out the podcast by emphasizing the importance of this age group and being attentive to their needs so that they never have to feel stupid trying to adapt to technology that was built for a younger audicence. This episode is sponsored by GrandPad,; Medical Home Network,; and Orbita,