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Health Innovation Matters

Jan 27, 2020

In this episode, Logan talks about the revolution in digital health with two experts Andrew Fish, Chief Strategy Officer and Zach Rothstein, Vice President for Technology & Regulatory Affairs at the Advanced Medical Technology Association.

 AdvaMed ( advocates globally on behalf of its 400+ members for the highest ethical standards and patient access to safe, effective and innovative medical technologies that save and improve lives. Andrew, Zach and Logan discuss how the the digitization of health care is no longer confined just to electronic medical records. It’s now omnipresent — part of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment; at the intersection of interoperability; a key component of health system development —affecting every stakeholder in the industry, from start-ups to hospitals, from pharma firms to medical device companies, and from provider, to patients to payers. AdvaMed also introduces their new Center for Digital Health